We believe in...

treating and interacting with our clients with respect, dignity, compassion, empathy, honesty, and integrity, while recognizing confidentiality of client information

 Mission & Vision

Volunteer Assistance to the Vulnerable strives to help unfortunate women nearing retirement unlock their full potential and age with dignity through critical self-development coaching and skills training.

To become the go-to resource Broward County women nearing retirement to find information and assistance. 

What We Believe

"Luck is a matter of readiness meeting opportunity." We believe our clients can achieve the American Dream as soon as they wisely utilize their talents and the resources available in their community to overcome their challenges and barriers. We seek to empower our clients' mindset to help them achieve their full potential.

What Are Our Impacts?


At VAV, we believe Empowered Mindsets are unstoppable. Due to difficult life circumstances, people's perspective of life may become dim and this mental position may be very hard to overcome with little support to no support. This is where we come in. We meet folks where they're at, supporting and connecting them to personalized help until they have demonstrated an adequate level of independence.

How often do you let your beliefs steal your passion to achieve your goals? We all face the challenge of overwhelming to the point of giving up. I also often worry about the future too much, allowing me to become less focused on the present.

Hopefully, the VAV team will never stop helping you to deal with those life challenges. You will learn how to switch those limiting beliefs to the power of gratitude and decision that will unlock your creativity, opportunity, and coincidence. For example, our willingness and decision to develop a website to be seen by our customers encourages the volunteers from Taproot and Volunteer Match to make things happen. Of course, they did it. 

Join us to help empower your mind and the minds of others.


Attitude is contagious. A positive result of actively strengthening people is a stronger community. Through our interactions with clients, businesses, and everyday people, we promote the culture of sharing resources and helping others, especially those less fortunate than us. Mindfulness, gratitude, and community efficacy are key components of this. By modeling what this looks like as an organization through services, our values will collectively shift for the better.  

Promoting a campaign to empower our community is priceless. The lack of philanthropy, altruism, and civic engagement is currently affecting our community. Some local Non-profits report their growth challenges associated with the disappearing of their donors, volunteers, or supporters.

Contributing to the realization of community services is one of the best decision volunteers, donors, and supporters could ever make. How often do we hesitate to host a workshop that could transform our attendees’ life? Together we can make the highest impact in the world.

Join us to make the VAV's women leadership development program a success.


Vulnerable: "capable of being wounded." Using the "Circle of Wellness" as our basis, we assess the overall wellness level of our clients. Taking this comprehensive approach, we then strategically address the areas of concern of our clients to help them best achieve their self-defined version of success. We help anyone with what we consider substantial barriers and lack of access to resources.

At VAV, our vision is to diminish the circle of poverty. We don’t believe giving to the poor without any financial independence plan will be too beneficial. You will better see us showing our customers how to fish than giving them the fishes.

Our failure to mobilize the supporters to that particular cause may result in increasing the circle of poverty. Poverty is associated with a high rate of juvenile delinquency, gun violence, and crime. A change catalyst team should not remain indifferent before that regrettable phenomenon. We are working to transform the economic and social conditions of our community.

Join us to help decrease crime and juvenile delinquency in Broward County!




We are helping women to develop their entrepreneurial skills so they can create a business or become more successful in their initiative through our business mentoring program. A pool of women entrepreneurs will be screened and selected to be assisted with their business development plan based on the innovative quality of the idea and entrepreneurial skills scores. We are connecting them with resources to plan and execute their business. Those women will become VAV ACHIEVE women leadership development programs' advocates.

The inspiration of our women leadership development program came from our passion to see our ideal customers thriving instead of surviving. Most of the unlucky women we are serving let their beliefs unconsciously destroy their creativity. How many of you think you are not enough to start a business while you are ignoring so many resources and opportunities in your community?

At the end of 2020, we envision to hear a couple of hundred testimonies from successful women entrepreneurs enrolled in our programs. 2020 is declared the year of abundance and success resulting from the application of clarity, confidence, and goal-oriented action plan lifestyles. If you are interested, consider signing up for our program!

Join us to make the VAV's women leadership development program a success.


Only new thinking can shift our world to better. Without any doubt, the old thinking is devastating to our nation. How efficient is the monologue in comparison to the dialogue regarding the behavior change? It is reported the monologue is the least efficacy based on its disengagement aspect. We see traditionally Christians worship more than modeling Jesus-Christ's life through a culture of unconditional love. 

Regarding our plan to influence positively our world, we prevail the coaching services over advising ones. Most of the solutions imposed by the advisors to their clients remained unapplied. Need’s assessment, clients’ engagement or participation, respect of clients’ choice, trust, and ownership make the coach different from the advisor and more successful in the process.

Volunteer Assistance to the Vulnerable


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