What Do We Do

Volunteer Assistance to the Vulnerable, Doing Business as VAV ACHIEVE, is a US Faith-based Tax-exempt Private Foundation. It is created to empower and educate pre-retired unfortunate women in Broward County.

Our direct beneficiaries may include, but not limited to, limited English Speakers, illiterates, low-income family members, or individuals going through a major life transition. 

We help our ideal customers set and achieve a specific goal through access to resources, information, and self-development education. We will do this through individual assessment of their strengths, challenges, opportunities, and barriers as well as emotional and mental well-being to match their potential with a fulfilling career.

If you are interested, consider signing up for our program!

Why Do We Do It

12.9% of Broward’s elders live below the poverty line. The national average is 9%. We are working to prevent our ideal clients from being affected by the financial and emotional burden associated with ageing.

If our clients can unlock the power of decision and gratitude instead of being focused on their problems, they will become more successful in their life or their business.

We imagine living in a community with so many women reaching their highest level of mindset allowing them to live their life of purpose. Those successful clients will inspire their peers to do the same. That may result in a decrease in the circle of poverty.

How Do We Do it

Our ultimate goal is to help our ideal clients to set a specific goal to get results and celebrate their success during the 2020 year. The Volunteer program coordinator and the Coach Work together to design an Individualized Action Plan (IAP) based on the client’s needs from a pre-assessment after obtaining his commitment to the goal.

Why Do We Serve Women

We are choosing to serve unlucky women in their early retirement age. Women are financially less prepared for retirement plan than men. According to nationwide advisory solutions, 62% of women have a strategy to avoid outliving their savings in retirement, versus 72% men.


We are promoting women leadership.” We are doing that because "women are the backbone of the family and the bedrock of a nation”. According to the US Census Bureau, of the 11 million families with children under the age of 18, and no spouse present, the majority are single mothers. If you are interested, consider signing up for our program!

If you are in the Broward County area and need help now please call us so we can talk, discuss your needs, and see how we can help

Volunteer Assistance to the Vulnerable


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